2010 China local and vertical web development forum held in Xiamen in May

"2010 Chinese and vertical website development forum" will be held in May 14, 15 held in Xiamen, the meeting by the general software phpwind, and the service provider station webmaster exchange platform home owners (chinaz.com), jointly organized by the Xiamen local the most popular consumer community Xiamen xmfish. The theme of this meeting is to gather value, open up the future, designed to promote exchanges, the depth of the value of local and vertical sites, jointly explore the Internet’s blue ocean.

with the development of Internet technology and the foundation of ecology, environment improvement, increased the number of Internet users, the commercial atmosphere of prosperity, with local and vertical sites as the representative, focused on segments of the small website is entering a new stage of development. Many small sites from the grassroots entrepreneurial transition to commercial operation stage, and put forward a lot of requirements on products and technology, operation, market resources cooperation, the formation of a promising field, is a rare opportunity for groups and individuals for everyone involved, 2010 Chinese local and vertical site development forum in many webmasters and industry professionals to live.

Phpwind rooted in small and medium sites to provide basic products and services, the launch of this forum, the development of small and medium sites for the current situation, tailored for the webmaster. There will be included more than 100 local and vertical webmasters, Internet veteran to participate in the meeting, in-depth discussions on topics related to development, share valuable experience, put forward some proposals to promote the small and medium-sized site to a broader space for development. Cai Wensheng, Liu Hu, founder of Xicihutong 51.Com chairman Pang Shengdong and other guests to attend, separately from the management of their own enterprises, talent, technology and other aspects of the platform of small and medium-sized site encountered problems and experience in the development stage, to help in the development of small and medium-sized websites, avoid detours.

whether it is local or vertical website, e-commerce is becoming a new channel of profit. Alibaba group, taobao.com as a leader in the small and medium-sized enterprise services and electronic commerce, also provide rich content from another aspect, the electronic commerce industry to share information, so that more interested in the e-commerce of small and medium businesses, industry website operation and consumer psychology.

As an important part of the small and medium-sized websites, the

community has affected the development trend of the whole industry, more and more local and vertical communities have rich commercial value and development potential. The media management community has become a focus topic in the industry, the traditional community portal operation and more exploration function transformation, in order to enhance the commercial value; the traditional portal also hope that through their own information interaction further digging depth and membership value, these processes related to the transformation of many product design and operational thinking. The arrangements for the meeting owners free play opportunities, well-known sites to xmfish, music, and Donglin Academy Beihai 365, long lane, West Lake, Chengdu, Ningbo, a network of idle away in seeking pleasure day forum in Hefei, Wei Feng network as the representative of the post discussions, share their treasure.