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[introduction] Amoy brand undoubtedly encounter the ceiling, when the original model can not continue, the next


Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 18th

famous Amoy brand Royal mud square Founder Wu Lijun recently died of brain disease, only 36 years old. This allows the survival of the current situation of the Amoy brand has been thrown into the spotlight.

has been relying on Tmall’s rise these Amoy brand in the traditional brand invasion is losing ground, and their operating costs increase, the enterprise management is bad, the Amoy brand is caught in the collective destruction situation, only South Korea, Liebo, AFU and a few brands still light wind.

along with Amoy brand frustration is more and more traditional brands settled Tmall. Tencent science and technology was informed that the Spanish fast brand ZARA, the United Kingdom famous high street brand TOPSHOP is expected to enter the official flagship store opened in the near future Tmall. Earlier, fast fashion brand Gap, UNIQLO, FOREVER21 etc. have been completed in.

there is no doubt that the traditional well-known brands and Amoy brand in Tmall’s balance has been divided.

NOP founder Liu Shuang (micro-blog) said the Tencent of science and technology, the Amoy brand has entered the stage of shuffling, Tmall in the field of traditional women’s brands have equal shares with the Amoy brand, in the women’s clothing sales top ten each accounted for 5 seats. Amoy brand women’s field was not defeated mainly because more women’s styles rather than brand menswear, Amoy brand in the traditional brand is already under attack completely defeat.

Tmall ranked the top ten men’s brands are all traditional enterprises, Amoy brand not only be squeezed out of the top ten positions, but also the emergence of stagnant growth or even decline. This is 3 or 4 years ago is unthinkable, when the Amoy brand completely occupy the top ten men." Liu Shuang said, these men pay attention to similar brand category, Amoy brand have been utterly routed.

another electricity supplier who share a set of data electricity supplier industry: Tmall Taobao clothing market grew less than 40%; in the Tmall enterprise polarization is extremely serious; a large number of TOP100 cards, rely on photo sellers model has failed; C sellers to falter, totally eating old customers; each have a serious lack of new passenger flow to live; three: top big, deep style, no spell integrity.

is still in the Amoy brand first camp starry CEO Zhao Yingguang of the Tencent said the next ten years, Taobao ecological competition is more complex, the clothing industry will accelerate from line to line, the competition is more and more strong. Matthew effect of the Internet more and more obvious.

lay money days are over

these Amoy brand mostly have their own "glory days", and become the object of Tmall tried to draw in the double eleven campaign, not only without too much cost, can also be obtained in the platform and flow of funds under the premise of support with high sales volume, there is no need to worry about the price promotion will bring losses.