Group purchase industry to accelerate the reshuffle Chongqing nearly 40% in group purchase website

business daily trainee reporter Sun Qiongying

Chongqing daily news recently, mission 800 released the first half of 2012 to buy statistics report. Data show that as of the end of June, the domestic group purchase site is 2976, compared with last year’s peak of 5058, reduced 2082, and the single turnover and the number of people buying both fell. According to that group of 800 Chongqing group purchase navigation, abnormal access or long-term not update the site of 55 Chongqing 152 group purchase website currently included in, which means that nearly 40% of the local group purchase website has been lost.

nearly 40% local buy net real deposit

According to the

800 group report released by the end of June this year, the domestic group purchase websites only 2976, compared with last month again reduced 20. At the end of June, contains a total of Chongqing group purchase website 152, but 36.2% of the sites have access in abnormal or long-term not updated state.

in addition to buy site have closed down, the turnover is not ideal to buy. Data show that since the first half of this year, the domestic group purchase market total open group for a period of 206 thousand, turnover of 1 billion 670 million yuan, the purchase of about 36 million 838 thousand passengers, a decline of 5.6% and 8.1%. Among them, Chongqing group purchase market in June turnover of about 36 million 729 thousand yuan, down 7.6% compared to May, compared with April, decreased by about 9%. And turnover is only concentrated in the United States Mission network, public comment and a few large sites.

China E-Commerce Research Center Assistant Analyst Zhou Xiang said in an interview with reporters, increasing market competition, there will be a large number of small and medium group buying site was shot dead on the beach.

discount intensity is still the protagonist

Although the

group purchase industry decline fade, but businesses enthusiasm for group purchase does not seem to decrease. Data show that in the second quarter of this year, Chongqing buy market size reached $120 million, the average per capita consumption of about $56. Participate in the purchase of businesses from 7714 in April to an increase of 8783. Zhou Xiang believes that this is gradually from the focus of the market to buy three or four cities to transfer the city.

from the buy category, dining, movie tickets are still the most popular products. Data show that in June, in Chongqing, the market share of each category to buy, buy food category accounted for 54.3% of the market share. Including a 138 yuan single buffet dinner, with a turnover of 511 thousand yuan in June to become the first large group purchase market in Chongqing. The highest sales segment is still the film ticket, accounting for 26.7% of total sales.

, however, the category of the group to buy discount strength showed a downward trend. For example, catering group purchase rose from 55% off last year to 49% off, the average discount group purchase website from 67% off last year, up to 62% off local sites in Chongqing on average in the 3.> group purchase price discount