The core idea of network marketing and website planning

three, the overall view of the relationship between consumers and companies to improve the operating process

no matter how large the company’s product line, how complex the organization, we need to maintain the integrity of the enterprise when dealing with customers, and strive to improve customer related workflow:

(1) provides one-stop service to customers;

customers prefer to communicate with a one-stop service. Most of the past by the business manager in charge of customer demand, but from the point of view of e-commerce "one-stop shopping" (one stop shopping) means that regardless of whether there are special services, customers are able to cross the limit layers of products and Technology Department, at any time from online access to information, the execution of the transaction or service requirements. It will not only block the relationship between customer and service personnel and technical personnel, also can help customers reduce the friction in the process of rapid transaction efficiency. From the technical or organizational level, it is a challenge to integrate information and services across product lines. When customers buy different product lines to the company’s products, whether he should belong to which department? The Department is willing to share the basic information of customers and other colleagues? When someone wants to modify or supplement the basic customer information, how to do? In addition to the cross product line staff dealing, customers also and the various departments within the enterprise exchanges, many large and medium-sized enterprises now have established customer service center to unify the relationship between internal and customer deployment of enterprise, when customers have any needs and problems when communicate with customer service can be solved. In the network environment, we can do a better one-stop service. Look at what to do next.

(2) to establish all customer related information;

first we should all customer data integration and easy access to a single database, both the handling of customer complaints, make invoice for a loan, do millions of yuan trading, or track the goods, all records and customer contacts should be included in the planning of perfect database, so that every possible customer contact employees can access at any time. We need to consider the following aspects: how to effectively establish customer – related information:

1 to build a customer centered information system, we want to find the final commodity users and the establishment of their central database.

2 to establish a corporate culture of information sharing, so that all employees can look at the overall relationship with the customer, so that enterprises have the possibility of profit.

3 design information flow from outside to inside. From the customer’s point of view, it is necessary to make great efforts to improve the existing product centered information system.

(3) to improve the process of customer related work;

when we define who we serve, we should rethink the workflow from their point of view. Usually for agents, retailers, procurement personnel, such as the process of transformation is relatively easy, it is indeed worth the effort