Following the article learning network marketing

recently what star fire, this I believe we all know I do not have to say, "article", the news, newspapers, network media, be quite different introduced on the article derailed "some reports of

from the earliest, "good man" article derailed love for Mistress: 32 year old woman to the article derailed admit sustained online but Yao Di remained silent to suspect Ma Yili had known the article derailed the two feelings always are not optimistic about the "and then to the article derailed love on Yao Di this article has been derailed caught irrefutable evidence" and "article destabilize media play in the end, it came out the article derailed Yao Di 96 hours was linked to tricky April Fool joke" in a step by step to the news network media pushed to the tuyere waves on the tip, in the end what kind of results, I think. "The article," Yao Di Ma Yili, they will be in this year’s entertainment news above will be ranked in the top, and we as a network marketing together with "how the camp" under study I think that’s what we care about most. Here to sum up the three points to share.


article micro-blog screenshot

, a micro-blog Marketing – to turn the tide, re understanding of micro-blog marketing.

let’s see how they do it. March 31st, zero four, unfaithful men published long micro-blog show, "two ways of negative word to 50 million fans. Don’t look at small, just ten hours after the micro-blog is forwarded to break through 1 million, beyond the days after Faye Wong announced that the total number of forwarding divorce micro-blog 770 thousand, writing articles is not to create a new record of micro-blog information diffusion.

look at micro-blog now feel that there is no marketing people, you still feel that micro-blog can not do it?

two, mass media, it exaggerated the marketing area.

of course, the official website of sina also took the opportunity to make a sweeping marketing at micro-blog mobile phone App, the morning rush directly to the team on duty with a full black plate, a letter to "the Bo admitted derailed". A micro-blog right recommended topic I made from # retrofit, others to watch # mistress # not afraid of things big #, the surplus value completely drained of news events.

three, the major forums, entertainment media – adding fuel to the flames, increasing concern.

is competing with local newspapers and television and entertainment media across the country. At the end of the world community inside the landlord also issued the "Ma Ting article said the guilty man would commit a mistake to attract users to discuss, increase the popularity of the forum. There is a NetEase which also has entertainment article derailed door in the end is not the movie marketing? "And article derailed admit sustained online but Yao Di remained silent and so on. Access to these media, more drama of this marketing Station intensified.

I think this is the case with the stars