Once again learned Baidu has signed the intention to buy PPS tune


for the March 22nd burst Baidu to buy PPS a thing, the two sides were denied after some, but I get from the Internet and investment circles many veteran cadres further confirmed that the real situation is: Baidu’s acquisition of PPS, Iqiyi or Baidu money to buy PPS, is still, Baidu has signed with Term Sheet PPS, Chinese called a letter of intent to invest, the next step will be DD, due diligence, all through, the two sides will sign a final agreement of investment, the final completion of the acquisition of PPS.

1, denied that is going on? First, Baidu and Iqiyi had no official statement and official spokesman denied it, just by some media general denies acquisition. As mentioned above, Baidu did not complete the acquisition of PPS, the two sides signed only Term Sheet, while TS covers the key investment conditions, but there is no legal effect. White said that as you go to the hotel for dinner, call first to make sure private costs, and set a position. Booked a seat can also put dove, will not be accused.

Some people will say

PPS co-founder Zhang Hongyu also spoke on micro-blog denied ah, you can look at he just wrote "this Xiaoxibushi", and it is rumored to write too long there are a lot of false, Zhang Hongyu could not say what specific denied. The denial of the acquisition or denial of the agreement, is also true, because TS is not an acquisition, and even can not be said to be a legal agreement.

proposed a follow-up interview with reporters to verify, to be more directed at the crucial point, such as "the two sides have not signed the Term Sheet?" this specific directly, let the other side reduce maneuvers. Tips, then, the two sides will enter the due diligence phase.

and the final acquisition success rate is high? Six Jane think there are at least 9 more, because VC and PE are for entrepreneurs or investors to the target company Term Sheet, finally break the industry average in two or three, that is seven or eight of the success rate will reach an agreement. While PPS has been on the market last year, with almost all of the major video sites and the group contact again, no interest already stand, now only Baidu after a long time, TS is given, then finally reached the possibility of a trade is relatively high.

2 Baidu in the end what the PPS? PPS with the outside world and investors that I can operate independently, is a profitable website, or the only profitable video site. We look at the profit of this matter, several major video sites are not profitable, only PPS profit, or Tencent Sohu Iqiyi video Youku potatoes have a problem, or only have PPS problems.

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