What core competencies should an excellent marketing manager have

recently received some letters from users, do SEM, do the activities of planning, do content editing, and media management, people suffering almost, mean to do in a job for several years, also has a good accumulation, also raise to more than 10 thousand, but now feel very anxious, but the effect is not as good as before, what to do next


from the market post occupation skill development, everyone has a from the basic to the entry to the master process again; such as search engine marketing from the strange to the skilled, from the master search engine marketing to master SEO, ASO, WangMeng, application market pay, information flow, social marketing and other marketing tools. Based on a master module, extended to the whole process from the master module; for example, a variety of marketing tools, extended to the target user research, product marketing planning, marketing planning and website page activities, creative planning, media management, business cooperation, channel management, data analysis, user research and other modules. Finally, in the mastery of a number of modules, and gradually form a global thinking, standing up thinking and strategy of brand competition in the market, and has the strong ability of management and human resources.

from personal development, go, the higher requirements for composite skills, strong single skill, can not form a huge role, which requires us from single skilled talents like change.

when we are in a position, we must understand the value of the position in the company. But this is far from enough, you may also need to understand, most of the top companies in the industry, how to set the position and department? You even need to buy some classic books, the masters is to define how you scientifically position or


why is it that you are in a position where you may be short of something, or you may be enjoying some kind of short-term dividend?. For example, you have to do a good job in the company’s SEM, or online activities are very good, you will think that this is the market. When you encounter other products, or the market environment is not the same, you will find that you may need to do is to sell, or to do the brand, rather than the past drainage, or do user operations.

back to the beginning, when we are engaged in the market for 35 years, has accumulated but very anxious, do you need to seriously think about what the core competencies of an excellent marketing manager should be


I think excellent marketing managers should have several core competencies:

1, strategic thinking ability

when the marketing manager takes over a project, it must first be clear about the product growth logic and user needs. It is necessary to understand the growth strategy of competitors, investigate the needs of users, and combine the business model to consider a fundamental question: what is my product growth strategy?

with TOB software, heavy industry, relying on traffic and operations are unable to move the market, its product growth strategy is the city.