Anhui website push white list system owners facing unemployment

according to the "Anhui daily" reported that at present, Anhui province IDC (Internet Data Center) is a comprehensive inventory of access to business users, the largest of which Anhui IDC access providers "Yanhuang network" to implement the "white list" system, did not enter the list will be unable to access the site. The industry is expected, affected by this, there are about tens of thousands of small owners facing unemployment in Anhui.

do not blacklist, white list

"we are now conducting a comprehensive inventory of the user." Yesterday, Anhui Yanhuang network manager Guan Peng said. It is reported that in addition to Chinese, almost all of Anhui ID C have access to users of the inventory, and the implementation of domain name registration audit system strictly, fill in the address in detail, even to the nearest house number.

Chinese network in Anhui province is the largest IDC access providers, in order to inventory the site, the company has issued an emergency notice, the establishment of a "white list" system. Reporters noted that temporarily may not pass the "white list" audit website there are four main categories: did not obtain information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit the network audio, movies and other types of sites; without the network culture operation license of novels, games and other types of sites; without the Internet electronic bulletin service license forum the chat room, message boards and other types of sites; and the spread of viruses, hackers, game, video, download the BT release, Adult supplies, information release, website navigation type etc..

"for the problem site, we will resolutely ban." Guan Peng said. Anhui Province, also a number of ID C access providers also said that in these four sites, for some relatively large, the regulatory capacity of the website, can give it some time to rectification, the rectification of the re audit, can not still be blocked.

small sites have closed down

in this round of inventory, Anhui many small film and television, games, small picture site was affected, closed down, the transformation of the transition. Among them, only Anhui Yanhuang a closed more than 10 thousand small site, of which Anhui has thousands of websites.

has been working for two years, and now there’s no way to turn it off." Yesterday, a small game website Hefei webmaster reluctantly told reporters, "I basically every month to survive on the site, now the site is closed, it means that I lost the main source of income for each month."

tens of thousands of small owners facing unemployment

insiders told reporters, this round of Anhui not through inventory station number of large, small owners affected tens of thousands of people, they are now facing the dilemma of unemployment.

for small Adsense, many webmasters are relying on the site’s advertising revenue for the living, the site will have no income, a direct impact on their survival." Another network company in Hefei, said the responsible person, after the inventory, for the big sites in Anhui, the amount of visits will increase, and many small sites will collapse. Anhui Internet industry ‘shuffle’ is inevitable. >