Entrepreneurs who did not want to clear these issues before the end of the business!

must admit, for entrepreneurs, sometimes think too much is not necessarily a good thing, a lot of things in the world is not in any conditions after it seems feasible, just like in the circle of friends has been widely spread in the West where the story, Sun Wukong is met in the later Tang for the pig. And also in the way the monk monk now! Learn the road, is a road full of all kinds of dangerous difficult course, if before Tang had many difficulties, perhaps, perhaps not



but the ancients said, "everything xianmou and funeral Chang, first thing and then seek dead", he worries too much, will only make people act if anything can be overcautious, do not consider it rash act, and the result is the entrepreneur, as can be imagined, we must learn how to bow to pull the car, also learn to look up the road, on the one hand to be buried in hard work, on the one hand, to plan the future, so as to avoid detours on the road of entrepreneurship!

Rural Youth Entrepreneurs in contact with a lot of entrepreneurs, often encounter a variety of problems. Successful people, or make some achievements of the people, they are all around their respective business to do some things, but for the project setbacks, we summed up some common to them, the following is sorted out for all entrepreneurs to help entrepreneurs, also is every entrepreneur should seriously consider before action, hope that the entrepreneurs friends can avoid similar problems because due to venture abandone


question 1: where are your customers? Where is the market? (i.e., project positioning problem)

some places have lakes, where there is demand there is market! Project positioning, imagination of "personal best experience" with the most taboo entrepreneurs when the market, the so-called "personal best experience" refers to entrepreneurs mistook their obscenity or some creative inspiration, in the situation of manager next, began around this fairly good "feel" to start the business layout, but found it is their ultimate demand, or only a very small part of the demand of

!Take a look at the

last 2015, until the first half of 2016, the fall of the O2O platform, how much business was later proved to be false? Home wash, Manicure door, massage, door shoe…… The needs of such people need? Yes, but only a few people need! Even accept these services, the heart will inevitably have a variety of concerns, after all, in the impetuous society, everyone lack a sense of security, to design all kinds of sophisticated open family anti-theft door put a stranger. A real-time business relationship in, it would be a kind of

user experience?

is here to help entrepreneurs can’t tell you how to do in order to completely avoid the market positioning is not clear, but just want to remind you, at least you carry out entrepreneurial activities, please collect the relevant industry data, consult some industry information >