shares soared behind electricity supplier is also profitable

after three quarters, (NYSE:VIPS) bleeding listed story, was rewritten into a turnaround myth".

as of press time, the only high-profile shares in the share price has climbed to $22, and listed on the same day that break, in stark contrast to the minimum fell to $4.

released in November 13th last year, Q3 reported, net revenue grew 197% to $156 million; net loss decreased from 1.754.6 million in the same period last year to $1 million 456 thousand, excluding stock option, third quarter earnings have substantial profit, to $640 thousand.

vertical electricity supplier in China, which is the first profitable company.

in 2012 under the weight of the apparel industry overcapacity, the market outlook back to, to assess the value of its flash purchase mode.

In early

,, Privee and Vente had to borrow the French American Gilt luxury sale mode, but the luxury market is not mature enough, only a handful of orders, after a few months on the line, will be timely steering, business adjustment for sale two or three line clothing brand positioning in the two or three line of the market crowd.

uses the anti business cycle approach, to cope with the pressure on the huge inventory of clothing brands, down to the consumers want to enjoy a higher discount, in which benefit.

however, when the tide cycle, subsequent power and development space of and


anti economic cycle inventory solution platform

After the introduction of Q3 earnings, an electricity supplier practitioners wrote on micro-blog, more than 50% of Southern China’s traditional clothing inventory is sold through vipshop".

two market investors have to verify CFO Yang Donghao. He said in the interview with this reporter, "the Southern China area has a large number of clothing brands have cooperation with us, but we do not discount the sale of clothing inventory may account for the Southern China area 50%, that is a day."

data show that the domestic market for women’s clothing may have 10000 billion body mass, men’s clothing is about 500 billion yuan, in addition, children’s clothing and other categories also have a total of 500 billion yuan. The stock market is the core issue of the apparel industry: even in the United States, mature clothing brands sold out after a quarter, there are 20% of the stock. Moreover, a brand from the design, procurement, production, circulation time is very long, generally need 12-18 months, a long cycle means that the stock continued.

Yang Donghao calculations, if 20% of the stock, then the entire apparel discount retail market has a total of 400 billion yuan. nearly two years of sales, only a drop in the bucket.

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