Where the night of the Christmas Carnival 200+ shopping center passenger flow 24 million shake one h

December 24th, "fifast business alliance National City Shopping Center 200+ Christmas Carnival Night" theme good news. On Christmas Eve, to participate in the activities of the national 100 City shopping center more than 200 crowds, people holding mobile phone with fifast APP grab a red envelope, shake awards, lively and extraordinary. The same day, flying where the business alliance more than 200 shopping center traffic reached 24 million, compared to a significant increase in turnover. With the enthusiasm of consumers to participate in, where the day of the flight APP Christmas downloads reached 1 million, in one fell swoop on the Apple App store to download the first place in the day, as of now, where the fly APP download volume has exceeded 7 million 200 thousand. In addition, on the eve of Christmas day, where APP orders to fly more than 2 million pen, flying where APP per capita stay longer than 1 hours, the total number of days where the total amount of flight APP reached up to 200 million, Beacon shake a break.

this is the first joint fifast shopping center held a unified marketing campaign is held in 2015 Chinese shopping center in the field of one of the largest shopping center is the theme of the carnival activities, with the help of Internet plus open platform for the transformation of a bold attempt.

fan Christmas shopping center passenger flow up to 24 million

for "every day will fire" shopping center, Christmas is not to be missed opportunities. This includes Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Changsha, Xi’an and other more than 100 cities in the 200+ shopping center with flying +MALL, a new form of shopping promotion, attracting a large number of local consumers to. Who fly APP 5 billion red envelopes, 500 thousand roses, 5000 iPhone6S, 10 thousand mobile phone millet mobile phone, 60 thousand multi function Bluetooth speakers and other multi million Hao Li, and the low value of flash sales and other activities, so that consumers enjoy the interaction in the mobile phone on Christmas Eve, who fly more than 200 commercial shopping center in the League brand low price discount also hauntingly, lively and extraordinary.



in the morning, to participate in the activities of the business alliance fifast shopping center just business, fifast shake rose, choudaijiang, grab a red envelope is just beginning, consumers around the start into the mall, open mobile phone, hope to catch up with the first round hair award the opportunity to fight a gas. Activity less than 10 minutes, there is a large number of consumers to shake the rose, according to the shopping center staff, these roses are specially flown in from Yunnan, jiaoyanyudi love.


5 pm, the shopping center crowd wins, shake iPhone6S, millet mobile phone and multi-function Bluetooth speakers and other awards activities also officially opened, people in knots around together, there is tension staring at the mobile phone, the mobile phone has hard rocking, someone shout "I shake to iPhone6S. This is true?"…… For the Christmas Eve