Sina and Google to abandon the marriage love for customers

      stationmaster network June 12th hearing recently Sina and search engine company Google (Google) held a press conference in Beijing, officially announced that the two sides reached a strategic partnership. Two the company will conduct a full range of strategic cooperation in the search, information, advertising. Also marks the Sina abandoned the independent research and development of the search engine to ask.

      today stationmaster net received friends Lee rebellion, said before the purchase of sina asked PPC service because of the abolition of live search, has no practical effect. Now ask search has been fully turned to Google’s results, of course, can not find the words before bidding.

      but at the same time, Sina’s bid account without any notice, Mr. Lee after the phone call the official reply said that in the investigation of the doctor can see. But into the Sina home page, "Dr." is in the bottom of the advertising area, there is a small search box. But according to reports, since the cancellation of the Sina asked after effect as before.