Small Webmaster 360 security browser share half the day lost

Tencent and fierce fighting since 360 has been 24 hours, in 24 hours, Tencent punch out 360 backoff weakness. I said yesterday, this day, the user how to choose, 360 and QQ in the end who lost more users, is related to how they make decisions in the next few days an important basis for combat action. The army is engaged, and no one will reveal his true loss. As the third party, we only from other channels to find traces. 00 have some niche sites, one day there are more than 2 thousand IP access to the forum, the forum is a pet related forum, its users are mostly women, most of them are ordinary users, non IT people. Then let’s see before, 360 browser cannot access the QQzone, use the proportion of 360. (click on the small image browser view):

first, before the war

September 23rd, the day before the 360 explosion in September 27th QQ user privacy violations, then it seems that the network is also a calm, and and QQ well water.

360 browser accounted for 23.3%


two, after playing

September 30th: 21.8%

October 7th: 23.6%

October 14th: 22.3%

October 21st: 24.6%



three, guild wars start

October 28th: 21.7% (in October 27th the Tencent jointly issued a public call to boycott the 4 companies 360)

November 2nd: 21.3%

November 3rd: 18.4% (18:00 on November 3rd, Tencent announced the official statement is not compatible with the, called on everyone to uninstall the 360, around 20, the 360 browser can not access QQzone)

November 4th: 10.3% (today)

is the following statistics screenshot.



three, summary:

I have several

contact personal website and third party access statistics source browser version of the statistical system using 51la or cnzz webmaster, please check the browser they probably 360 the average share of the last two months and share today 360 browser, the results almost today use 360 browser access users of these sites >