Two years ago, there are plans Tesco layoffs in 2013 to enter the electricity supplier

WAL-MART in China to speed up the development of the same time, in the layoffs storm in the TESCO (Le Gou) is not a good day. In December 17th, China company official in the world ranked third retailers said that companies in order to obtain long-term and sustainable development in the Chinese market, is to organize the implementation of the adjustment, the adjustment of personnel section is nearing completion. The source said it was a few months ago was exposed TESCO layoffs storm.

according to previous information disclosed by the media said, in this year, Tesco conducted two rounds of layoffs, the first involving about 500 employees, second round of layoffs less, but will spread to various departments.

, who worked for many years in China TESCO company said, TESCO Chinese companies to implement layoffs, due to the group’s dissatisfaction with the performance of Chinese companies, but layoffs began two years ago. According to the latest description of Tesco layoffs, reveals the transnational retail giants after the huge market China excited helpless.

up to now, TESCO this year, only in the Chinese market opened 5 stores. According to the fiscal year (March 2012 to the end of February 2013) the company plans, TESCO ready to open 18 stores in Chinese market. In just 2 months, the need to open a supermarket in the, TESCO can reach the fiscal year target remains unknown.

plans two years ago

March 2011, TESCO CEO Shi Dunting (Tim A shdown) into the Chinese market, replacing (Ken Towle) to become the new CEO of TESCO China company. Whether it is outside or TESCO Chinese area, has been rumored "Shi Dunting will have a big movement in Chinese market".

Shi Dunting was in charge of TESCO group in Korea market, in the market, the Dunting help TESCO group to occupy the local market is about 50% of the integrated super market share. While the two largest retail giant WAL-MART, Carrefour is defeated in the market.

July 2011, Shi Dunting interview with this reporter, said confidently, "Chinese market scale is the one and only in the global market, China team is confident to catch up with WAL-MART and carrefour".


had TESCO who served as president of the Chinese said, Shi Dunting arrived China market, the group already has Chinese market performance is not satisfactory. The implementation of the Chinese market, the company hopes to be able to control unnecessary labor cost savings, in the rapid expansion of revenue data can not quickly raise the level of profitability. This view was recognized by the TESCO group.

the source, application of Dunting entry China company, was looking for a British consulting firm for the layoffs is to adjust the so-called TESCO organization strategy analysis report. As expected, the newspaper at that time