Music as the first floor to open the door to live in Guangzhou, Southern China

this year, with the continuous change of China liquor, Wine market and consumer trends, wine and wine business direct supply chain through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and other forms of strategic cooperation in the non-stop, for online and offline channels open, the depth of integration. With the channel and the distribution system changes, dealers are also exploring the strategy of emerging channels to get through, seeking ecological transformation.

reporter learned recently, depending on its network network push line store experience — "LETV ecological living museum", will be landing in Guangzhou in July 31st, as the first music as a living museum in Southern China area, the heavy wine network cable channel overweight in the Southern China area layout. At the same time, the ecological partner of Guangzhou Yao Yue network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Guangzhou Le Yao") will become an important strategic partner network network in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities layout O20 ecological chain, the two sides will work together to open the potential for "the gate of Southern China".

in the industry view, as a representative of traditional dealers to embrace the Internet ecological pattern, Guangzhou Yue Yao very Internet plus the ecological strategy, by bundling with each other network network resources, with music as ecological subversive force, to achieve the transformation and win-win.

music is a living museum network network "ecological supply chain + brand + terminal + eco Internet platform" four layers of ecological architecture, an important part of the ecological terminal. LETV living museum with wine, science and technology, life "as the theme, aims to create a high quality of life elements, demonstration experience, purchase area, and become a carrier of music as ecological products and services, the key platform for carrying O2O line service. Music as a living museum to drink wine as a starting point for consumption, online and offline distribution, to provide users with convenient, fast, low-cost high-quality consumer experience scene.


living museum to the next city stores in July the rapid growth of

insider, LETV Living Museum of Guangzhou Pearl River New Town shop is located in Guangzhou Tianhe CBD core area, mainly engaged in network network owned Wine product brand, global direct sourcing, Wine spirits and wine products as well as the super TV, mobile phone, headset, super super bike accessories and other products and services as the ecological, to provide experience for the product line local fans.

music as a living museum landing in Guangzhou, will drive Guangdong, and even the Pearl River Delta economic circle, as the music life Museum layout. In this regard, network network said that Guangdong province has always been the leading consumer Wine China import market, currently in Guangdong on consumer perceptions of Wine is more rational, more users understand wine. Hope that through the network network connection LETV living museum, "wine, science and technology," the three major themes, to create a new user experience seamless blend of purchase and value, leading the high quality of life consumption.

it is reported that Guangdong wine imports and consumption in the country has been far ahead. As China’s earlier exposure to wine consumption in the region, many years of market cultivation, has formed a more profound wine culture accumulation, the accumulation of a higher number of loyal wine consumption main force >