Business interpretation of monster thinker Huang Ruo

tiger sniffing note: Huang Ruo is Chinese e-commerce hardcore leader, said the original Pharmacist Hwang arena, chief operating officer, general manager of Tmall founder. This article from Huang if the latest book, look at the electricity supplier. has always been people called monster, two years rose 30 fold, from the interpretation from the point of view of the business model, business model,, worth reading.

investment in the electricity supplier, I have my own summary of the three cups of tea theory, that is, to assess an electricity supplier business, a look at its model, two to see its operating efficiency, the customer retention rate of three to see. In these three areas, has a brilliant performance.

mode: Weihuo sales model for further expansion, the establishment of a new positioning of its online sales Limited special offer.

operating efficiency: from the listing documents can be seen,’s inventory turnover, the average sales of a single product, gross profit ratio, are much higher than peers.

customer retention rate, positioning is mainly three or four line city and county level users, is locked with a small buy brand goods buyers, repeat purchase rate, the loss rate is low.

tripod tripod:’s business model

had an American investment analyst to find me, I hope I am an old retail perspective of’s business model analysis. At that time, I thought about it, using the ancient Chinese tripod figure to try to explain In my understanding,’s business model has three basic support points. Brand, special, time limit, which is the only way to support the network three feet tripod.

is a brand of goods. From the earliest international brands to more local brands. Brand is not equal to the brand, each brand has its own brand, have their own identification characteristics, there are large or small user groups. defines itself as a network of sales channels, not involved in the development of their own brands, but purely retail terminal sales. Due to enter the early, they and thousands of Brand Company signed the right to operate online sales, and even many are exclusive, so that’s supply is guaranteed. Brand, is the first to attract users to support, especially when it turned to the local brand, and the three or four line of the user to buy a large increase in the degree of fit.

two is a special sale. It is difficult to form a strong chemical reaction alone, the price is the most sensitive.’s way of doing business is a special discount, so that the consumer’s desire is aroused.

three is limited. Bargains for each organization, the sales cycle is usually five days, the morning of the 10 point of sale. Such an arrangement in advance of the potential users of the appetite, consumers in order to catch up with his favorite brand, the scheduling of a commodity sales, the need to pay special attention to the time, pinch point in. Another consideration is to avoid the impact of the sale of the brand to other normal sales channels. To know the channel price control has always been the operation of Brand Company >