The lucrative envy by electronic commerce department website melee

sold books selling shirts, razors, selling home appliances from the sale of milk powder and towel, and the original franchise maternal and infant products website has played a sold notebook computer or refrigerator…… Dangdang, Jingdong, red child, Eslite and other domestic e-commerce platform, are beyond the previous focus, towards the "department website". Thus, a melee inevitable.

online store lucrative, Taobao and then push the shoe museum

August 13th, Taobao net shoe museum officially opened, after becoming the electric city, second vertical category mall launched. Taobao CFO and Taobao mall general manager Zhang Yong said that after the opening of the daily turnover of Taobao Electric City reached 20 million, Taobao is an important reference factor to test the footwear vertical mall.

last month, 13 days to 26 days, Taobao Electric City mall together including 12 digital home appliances brand Lenovo, DELL, PHILPS, NOKIA, Samsung, Galanz, AUX, HP, ultra low product launch day special offer. Most brands to take the most direct full court price cuts, generally straight down 500 yuan.


Electric City staff to reporters to provide the data show that in the 14 days the crazy promotion period, 12 brands of household appliances daily turnover rose 39%, the average daily turnover of 7 million 440 thousand, two times exceeded 8 million, two breakthrough 10 million, 14 days a total turnover of more than 100 million.

"envy" Taobao and other web sites to do the "store"

Taobao mall in the development of the weight of Taobao has become more and more heavy, vertical type of Electrical City, the name of the shoe industry appeal to the industry more obvious". Zhengzhou Magnolia management consulting company founder Tian Pu said, this makes the other domestic e-commerce giant very upset.

reporter learned that in April this year, the home of that change, prior to occupy the position of books has been renowned ranked side, while giving the merchandise more weight. Dangdang chief operating officer Huang Ruo had publicly stated that Dangdang’s goal is to store revenue accounted for 50%.

Not only is so early in March, the largest 3C stores in the domestic B2C market Jingdong, the online store in the third round of financing totaling more than $150 million after the acquisition of online retail store Chihiro network, further fill in daily commodities market vacancy.

had a simple maternal and child supplies site red children, but also turned to include cosmetics, household, health supplies, including department stores. Men’s shirts started to sell the Eslite, the current product line extended to women’s clothing, shoes, clothing, accessories, Home Furnishing.

Tian Pu pointed out that within a year, the pace of B2C shopping website to the comprehensive transformation will gradually accelerate, the difference between them will become increasingly blurred.

melee intensified, the price war is inevitable fear

analysis of the industry, the e-commerce giant to the border, "