Taihu Mingzhu network Discuz! From stray to firm gorgeous turn

recently, Wuxi’s largest and most influential local portal website — Taihu pearl net the forum program into Discuz! X2.5, wants to use its powerful portal system, stable performance structure, social function, to explore in the micro media era, to build the Taihu pearl network news development road.

person in charge of the Lin Gang program transformation effect is very satisfied, he said: "Donglin Academy (Taihu pearl net forum name) this major revision is revised for several times over the years, the netizen complaints and advice, at least once, even lower than before with the same version of the system upgrade, this illustrates the characteristics of stable X2.5 Discuz! Mature program, very suitable for the local portal site use."

from 30 thousand to 3 thousand, the forum posting daily a wrong thought in passing down 10 times

Donglin Academy was founded in 2002, belongs to the Wuxi radio and television group, after nearly 10 years of development, has become the most influential community forum in Wuxi area. Because has hosted the official background, development along the way of Donglin Academy well, probably in the second half of 2009 reached its peak, forum posting daily volume of more than 30 thousand, the number of registered users reached 640 thousand. However, from an overall strategy on subsequent will pull into the trough from high altitude Donglin academy.

According to

statistics, Donglin Academy posting daily lows in 2011, compared with the previous peak, forum posting daily traffic and have seen a sharp decline, only had 10% members, at the same time also suffered serious losses, the current registered users is 500 thousand, is really an amazing change. Lin said that the main reason is that we have a bias in the direction and strategy. We ignore the "Donglin spirit caring", "ten years lost Donglin culture and gradually build up the system of security under the moderator of a high degree of autonomy", which is the greatest wealth in the development of the forum. Ace lost, the decline is inevitable.

firmly choose Discuz! X2.5

2011 setback really caused great distress to the Donglin Academy, they began to summarize, and conclude that "Donglin Academy to out of the downturn, in addition to the re establishment of the restoration and management team, need to face external program updates."

"update needs external program features only the smallest, we pay more attention to Discuz! Focus on the spirit and professional technology, the Donglin Academy with historical and cultural atmosphere, it is more important." Lin Gang further explained that since 2010, Discuz! The development efficiency and stable development and long-term system development team, to bring us in the next few years the development of community confidence; at the same time, Discuz! X series of technical architecture and development concept, we can obtain the long-term development of the local community to the webmaster identity on the contrary, the.