Chongqing people’s Congress called for the development of online trading law

had a series of in reality, Xing in the network sensation of Hongkong, Zhang Xiaozhou commented on the door door…… The enormous thrust of the Internet has become an indisputable fact. A series of network events also caused a legal controversy: how to solve the conflict between personal privacy and Internet freedom; to a person’s reputation after the attack, whether the network or forum moderators should bear the legal responsibility and so on. In addition, with the penetration of the political, economic and social life in the Internet era, the transaction of online goods and virtual property has become a new business model. But due to the lag of the current law and the lack of online transactions in tax evasion become public, to open the floodgates wide to money laundering.

Chongqing’s two NPC deputies proposed or prepared for the motion, one is the network legislation, the two is the development of the "network transactions law".

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National People’s Congress, the Chongqing Mobile Corporation chairman Shen Changfu said yesterday, the network is becoming more prosperous, people gradually into the center of life, network crime has become increasingly rampant, how to define network crime, improve network security has become the focus of attention of the community, the current law can solve the problems in reality, but not for the network, such as how to protect citizens the right of portrait, name right, etc..

Shen Changfu said that the spread of the network random features of the privacy of Internet users can not be effectively protected, and the current law about network security is very limited, the relevant departments of the administrative regulations on the Internet, belongs to the field of administrative law, is to appear in the form of departmental rules and regulations, property management still belongs to the type of regulations, according to the laws, regulations and policies of the transmission network constraints and management. In recent years, the rapid development of China’s Internet industry, network legislation is still a proposal. From the legal point of view, we are still in the exploratory stage. So the NPC and CPPCC he will put forward legislative suggestions for network security network, according to the law.

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yesterday, the National People’s Congress, chairman of Chongqing City Construction Investment Corporation, party secretary Hua Yusheng finishing on the development of the network trading act, the National People’s Congress on the preparation. This means that private demand is moving towards the official legislative process.

online shopping, online banking for the general public, is no longer unfamiliar, is gradually becoming the younger generation of consumption. And when this new type of trading gradually become mainstream, the law did not keep up. Hua Yusheng said in motion, online commodity trading occurred, once the two sides due to problems related to commercial disputes, online merchandise clear infringement legal provisions do not find existing laws including the "consumer protection law", in. What is more serious is that the network transaction not subject to geographical restrictions, only one transaction network platform, generally do not open invoices, the tax authorities can not determine the volume of transactions, tax evasion and money laundering to love "