360 respond to tampering with default browser reports respect for user options

September 20th evening news, Qihoo 360, the default browser 360 software tampering with the user of the media today reported to respond, said it has received no real user feedback, 360 security guards to fully respect the user the right to choose, and suggested Sogou input method under the load forcibly bundled browser and tampering with the user default settings.

below 360 response:

for media feedback, 360 browser default settings users can not change the situation, the 360 did not receive feedback from real users. After testing, as long as the user is active to modify the default browser settings, there is no problem, 360 security guards fully respected the user’s right to choose.

At the same time we see micro-blog

has a large number of users of a feedback input method in the user unknowingly forcibly bundled download its browser and tampering with the user default settings, which not only violate the Ministry 20 orders, but also a serious violation of the rights and interests of the users. As a security vendor, 360 and other security vendors, like this behavior, will prompt the user.

for the media release of irresponsible reports, we reserve the right to legal proceedings.

rough event: 360 users to force the user to plug the Sogou browser