Baidu will launch a number since the era of media earnings come

June 12th news, Baidu official will be on-line in June 16th, Baidu number from the media platform. Previously Baidu has launched Baidu hundred, and has attracted a lot of people from the media. However, since the huge media industry, there are more worried about the survival of practitioners, the main reason is that the profit model from the media industry is not clear. Most people rely on media from Baidu, Sohu and other giants from the media platform. But the article posted to the platform is also very difficult to obtain money, so grassroots people from the media to make money is not easy. Baidu, Sohu, WeChat and other platforms should be built from the media industry.

from the media industry is facing a dilemma

now more and more practitioners from the media, but since the media industry has also suffered its own bottleneck, that is, most of the grassroots media life difficult. Although the threshold of the media industry is very low, but want to rely on the article to make money, the operation is more difficult. In particular, many from the media platform is not mature profit model, if Baidu hundred, one hundred and so on the platform can be implanted in the article ads, then the media can be based on the author’s profit from the click through rate. This is the same as the sale of advertising on the site, since the media people to write high-quality content, but the content must be converted into a meaningful profit, otherwise the media industry will decline.

since the media is the original content factory

WeChat, micro-blog or news portal needs high-quality content, since the media is like a good editor. So since the existence of the media is of great significance, but also to create the content of the poor, some people from the media level is not enough. Write out the content of advertising is very strong nature of the soft, uneven levels of media practitioners. Since the media platform should also set a certain threshold, and respect the original author’s copyright, plagiarism is very common on the internet. A high click on the article may be reproduced by a number of platforms, but did not get the approval of the original author, this plagiarism or reproduced severely damaged the interests of the media.

How to build

platform from media people

platform and from the media is a mutually beneficial relationship, so micro-blog, Sohu, WeChat and other platforms will certainly support the media industry. The key problem is how to let more people from the media have the income, in addition to the article page ads, the platform can also be good to some media from the author’s remuneration incentives. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of writing people from the media, since the media can be divided into two categories: one is purely a hobby, are generally part-time type writer, another kind is the occupation from the media from the media, mainly rely on life, to get revenue through code.

Baidu will launch a hundred, and what is the difference between Baidu hundred, can not bring tangible benefits for the majority of people from the media. These are determined by the success of the number one hundred, since the media industry profit model must be innovative.

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