Tianya mango network to build a tourism community or enter E-commerce

yesterday, Tianya and China’s wholly-owned subsidiary of mangocity.com signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, announced that the two sides will jointly build a cross platform interactive business ecological tourism community, the move was also seen as a positive signal to enter the community, the layout of Hongkong’s tourism electronic commerce.

according to the introduction, based on the existing Tianya travel channel and mango travel guide and mango community, the new community will thaw "community, information, products and services" as a whole, increase the characteristics of tourist products such as channel reservation.

Tianya President Xing Ming said: "tourism is our next business on the horizon and the Chengdu culture travel group, seven day Traders Hotel and other cooperation projects to achieve win-win results, let us see the tremendous potential of tourism ecological marketing."

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