Taobao sellers how to control the shelf time

to control the shelf time of the product is limited by the need to understand the customer’s most hot start time, through a large number of data to analyze the cyclical consumer shopping. Shopping time is Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The gold shopping day, 9 to 11 a.m., 14 p.m. to 17 is a small shopping peak, 19 PM to 0:30 is the rush, relatively the 3 time shopping, let the individual shop still depend on nature, must find out the gold shopping time in his shop, in order to control the products under the frame of time, that is to make the products in the store shelves at all time.

when we release a new baby, remember to release, shopping at the prime time for example, we should make a product in the shop next Wednesday evening at 22 under the framework of the remaining time is close to 0, so we need to pay attention to the baby when released on this Wednesday night at about 22, editor release, editing cycle selection for 7 days, so that we can make the products reach the target time frame. Why choose 7 days instead of 14 days, because it is easier for us to increase the cycle time of our products in the next 7 days.

when our products are the "sale" of the state, we want to adjust the rest of the time how to do? We need to adjust the manual under the frame of those products to the "warehouse baby", "baby again in the warehouse shelves after manual" the rest of the time is still the default cycle days. We released the product when the choice is 7 days, then we will be on the shelves again after the remaining time is still 6 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes. So we must be the next cycle of the product cycle time (7 days or 14 days), the remaining time is close to 0 baby. For example, we store a product is 2 a.m. automatic shelf, I think it is not fit for this time automatic shelf, I want it in the evening 10 point automatic shelves, then we’re at 10 in the evening the manual under the frame of the product, or the shelf time set to 10 p.m. then, on the product again, as long as we release cycle selection in 7 days, so we are in a period of time before 7 days online 10, baby time remaining slowly close to 0, this is our next frame through the manual, manually adjust the time remaining on the baby.

Taobao restore all baby rankings: for all of the users of the treasure, the ranking will be based on the shelf time of the product as the main reference, the closer the time to the next shelf products. In the case of the same time, the window will be recommended by the front. We can put the products into the 21 batch of 3 batches of shelves, every day, 7 day cycle, ensure that the gold shopping time per day (9 – 11, 14 – 17, 19 – 24) have the shelf products, these products to the buyers into shops, make more transactions, all search based on the search words, thinking the product function and a popular search term with transposition, in order to achieve the maximum free display effect.