Group purchase website PK online travel platform, eager for a fight for the hotel

for several major online travel platform, launched the hotel group purchase so that they can keep their city, can also attract some users to its group purchase platform up, cut the share of the hotel group purchase group purchase website market. But at the same time to expand the group will also be reduced to a certain extent, online hotel booking platform profit margins, but also increase the considerable manpower and promotion costs.


for online travel platform, hotels and air tickets booking is the two largest business. But the rise of the buy site, but to a certain extent, caused an impact on the online hotel booking, especially the arrival of the mobile Internet, so that online and offline combined with the hotel O2O has unlimited opportunities and possibilities.

in group purchase field, to the United States delegation led by the group purchase sites are attacked online hotel platform, and the hotel online platform is not weakness, to group purchase launched a counter attack, even the traditional hotel chains have also begun to embrace the O2O Hotel, hoping to get a share.

hotel group purchase online booking counter

Analysys think tank released data show that in 2014 the domestic hotel group purchase market, the U.S. group, Baidu Nuomi, public comment on the three occupy more than 95% market share. The hotel group purchase and occupy the entire hotel O2O market more than 10% market share, the U.S. group, public comment, Baidu Nuomi undoubtedly constitutes a threat to online travel platform, the hotel group purchase advantage will also let it become a form of hotel O2O exist for a long time.

first, for the majority of consumers, the hotel group purchase price relative to the price, a predetermined price, has the absolute advantage, many consumers are more willing to choose the cheaper price and service level are quite star hotel.

second, now the three group purchase platform have a powerful traffic entrance, there are a large number of loyal users in the mobile terminal, the hotel to make free brand awareness with the help of three group purchase platform, the hotel also willing to cooperate with the group purchase website.

third, it seems that the hotel to sell their own rooms with higher prices, and buy a large discount to attract users to buy the way is contrary. But the hotel is not stupid, with the help of the hotel on the one hand to improve the occupancy rate in the off-season, on the other hand, the user can buy into their loyal users.

fourth, for the hotel, group purchase benefits and they are bound together. Only when there is an order to buy the site, in order to make money, buy the site will naturally be willing to do publicity for the hotel, the hotel also saved a sum of advertising expenses in advance.

finally, that is, the advantages of O2O, with the help of mobile phone real-time positioning features can greatly stimulate the local hotel consumption.

but Liu Kuang believes that the hotel group will not become the mainstream of the hotel O2O, because the hotel group has its first