Baby’s click rate is not high how to solve

on the platform of Taobao, there are many problems and the shopkeeper confused, there are a lot of troubles did not rank their baby dispensers, others can not see. And when their baby was ranked to show in front of customers, because customers do not click on your baby to worry about, today to talk about the latter, get the ranking method is very simple, not so difficult, with some simple method of operation, within a few days of their baby will get ranked. And when your baby get ranked, not many people are clicking on this problem, the above conversion rate in the click, here the way to talk about the conversion rate, many people talked about the conversion that is from the customer clicks to buy order conversion rate, conversion rate is actually divided into two parts.

Part 1: your baby is displayed in front of the customer, the customer clicks on your baby, this is the click conversion rate.

The second part of the

: click on the customer to enter, to see your baby to describe whether the page to produce the purchase behavior is the conversion rate.

when your baby get ranking is not much traffic, this is on the conversion of part of the problem, then why click conversion rate will have the problem? Let’s look at the baby to obtain main information will be displayed in front of customers after the rankings which:


The 5

we now see the information display information, all affect the customer whether to click your baby information under normal circumstances, when your baby Click conversion problems, find the answer should show from the above information, we can see the proportion of these information affects the customer clicks how much is your baby:



data is through a small friend to get through, which we can see in the map data, affect the customer whether to click on your baby’s proportion, baby previews of more than 50% of the level of influence, in the search after the interface when the baby, the first to occupy our sight is a picture of the baby pictures, there will be a lot of customers in the search after the baby baby, mainly through the preview view about baby like, if you are interested to further review the baby, so the baby will preview accounted for 54% of the proportion. Baby title is a small part of the customer to get your baby information display, accounting for 12%. And if the price is not concentrated in the case of the display of similar products, the impact of the factors is not very large, unless the baby price is too high or too outrageous. Sales accounted for 19% of the reason is that buyers have herd mentality, if the sales volume is very high, then the buyer will be aware of this product is very good, this is the inertia of thinking. While other support services are a factor, but in general the impact is not great.

we are going to do 5 of the above information