Every day from the end of the orchard shop fresh electricity supplier to survive how so difficult

problem one: the source of the huge cost of direct mining

fresh electricity supplier to the origin of direct mining as a selling point of the product, nothing more than trying to give consumers a low price and fresh awareness. There are two advantages: "origin direct mining can bring two benefits, one is the removal of middlemen exploit the price advantage, the second is to control the origin can be more timely information, such as weather, yield and quality.

but really want to do direct mining, will give fresh electricity supplier a lot of pressure, it is difficult to do:

first, the input cost of the procurement process will be greatly improved. Platform to ensure that the category and more to meet the needs of consumers, which means that the platform needs to get involved in a number of origin, not to mention the human cost of inputs. Once the category increased, fresh platform and can not guarantee the sales of each product, and the order does not come, there is no bargaining nature of purchasing power.

secondly, the logistics cost from the source to the warehouse is not a small expenditure. O2O efficient, in order to quickly send the goods to consumers, a large number of points in each platform will spread to the city, a plurality of storage source products transported to each city (stores), to realize the reasonable allocation between storage (stores), these are not a short duration of time can be solved.

then, the construction of cold chain logistics is also a major project. The more the storage (store), the greater the loss rate of the product in transit. These losses need to start-up companies to pay, also must accept that consumers behind this series of events are not perceived, the quality and quantity of products which is the most well deserved for the public, so as long as a bad experience, they will go away from you.

problem two: user stickiness under low

in order to quickly seize the market share, generally early fresh electricity is through the burn to attract consumers to low prices, it is bound to bring two unavoidable problems: fleece. Low back, is a fresh product quality which leads to uneven in quality, poor consumer experience, at a time when not eat second losses; platform by the price war to grab users, lead to abnormal development of industry vicious competition, if not pay attention to the user experience, no user loyalty can be said, finally the platform losses, the injured is itself and investors.

in the original CEO Du Tootoo non view, fresh business platform in addition to the price, and there is no culture can not be replaced, even the core advantage. This industry is pseudo vertical." "Similar goods, similar marketing, membership and customer groups are the same, resulting in the current convergence is very strong." "Now a lot of seemingly vertical and subdivision of fresh electricity supplier, in order to survive the pressure, the category expansion is very wide, and the vertical sites have four thousand or five thousand SKU, but no fresh electricity providers to do more work in the source of brand and brand forging control."

problem three: difficult to achieve fast delivery

industry data, the rapid delivery of instant products