Alibaba intends to purchase 51% Celestica fund shares of the admissibility of 1 billion 180 million

TECH2IPO/ reports: according to the original Beijing Securities Regulatory Commission has just released the "administrative license fund companies accept and review applications publicity table" shows, Celestica fund shareholders to change the application submitted in February 19th February 26th, the Commission accepted. According to the process, the next step will be the Commission to review the application matters, the final decision.

previously, Inner Mongolia Jun Celestica fund and other shareholders of the Alibaba and Celestica fund capital increase and comprehensive cooperation framework agreement. Alibaba intends to subscribe 1 billion 180 million Celestica fund registered capital of 262 million 300 thousand, becoming the controlling shareholder of Celestica Celestica fund of 51%. According to the agreement, the Alibaba intends to 4.50 yuan per subscription Celestica fund RMB 1 yuan registered capital contribution of the subscription price of Celestica fund 262 million yuan of registered capital contribution; Inner Mongolia king is intended to 4.50 yuan per 1 yuan to subscribe Celestica fund registered capital contribution of the subscription price of Celestica fund of RMB 15 million 429 thousand yuan of registered capital contribution; Celestica fund management Celestica fund intends to subscribe for 56 million 571 thousand yuan of registered capital contribution.

Ali shares Celestica fund required by the Commission’s approval process. Ali shares Celestica such as approval, the industry will be the first by the electricity supplier bigger shareholders of the fund company, has become the largest registered capital of a fund company.

in accordance with the relevant provisions of the fund company to change more than 5% stake and the actual control of the audit period is 60 working days. If the audit is successful, the first half of this year, Alibaba is expected to enter Celestica fund.