WeChat marketing actual one a book to sell seven times the price

black millet, WeChat marketing methods to teach you to play with other people.

I have dared to call themselves "brag" combat, I have the strength to prove my ability and value.

you want to learn WeChat marketing, if you miss VIP to join me! Well, I seriously tell you, you will not lose what, ha ha.

reason is very simple, the world who can turn less ~~

But I really miss

, to share the article, I promise (black Big and millet one), you will be less learning marketing skills


I am a lot older, I admit that I have not read any book on marketing, because I have a low level of culture, do not understand ah.

another, the market method of marketing a pile of books, said the method, the case is justified.

it’s just like a Hollywood movie line: I promise!


I do not have a culture, no copy of the foundation, but no marketing background.

but I tell you, I want to play, to play the mentality to treat this thing!

I step by step trial and error, which can have effect?


has no effect, I do not blow directly on the " but " HD code; the actual picture (Note: if you are poor, please pay attention to your old mobile phone traffic, don’t ask me to come over, traffic charges):

writer friend Zhou Xinshu because before the Mid Autumn Festival to send two books for me, one of the friends, he let me as a micro welfare for me.

I think the direct micro letter sent, too boring! The small value of others will not cherish, after much deliberation, direct auction.

is testing my more than 3 thousand friend WeChat has no value, the value of


this number in the people almost all merchants, they usually only very fine! Come and look at my article, see the people leave.

really can have so much value, I really do not know, but I am going to start to clear the situation immediately, the direct black these worthless friends!

words do not say, see my circle of friends (Note: I do not believe that the actual combat, welcome to add me to see if it is true):



a few hours later, some people directly to the price of 99 yuan.

I have to check to see if this guy is playing with me!



confirm no problem >