Peng Hongwei the details of the implementation of the network promotion

today by the IT Cafe Network Marketing Forum founder Ken’s invitation to share with you what network promotion, indeed, compared with the previous period, my guests, is a rookie, I can share knowledge is limited. In fact, at the end of last year, when the small, I said, I want to do a network promotion seminars, but due to their limited ability to initially rejected the invitation of small health. In May, when I found myself again, I had to think about it, and when to take a moment to share the knowledge of the network. Later in June when the small promise alive, pull out a time to talk with everyone, learn from each other and jointly improve.

today I want to share with you is not what the new promotion methods, is not what great promotion knowledge, some of the details of implementation of several conventional network promotion means we are familiar with the just with you together. In June, I resigned from the company, ready to set up a network promotion studio, so this period of time, has been in contact with some professional network promotion, network marketing institutions planning and implementation. By this time, I really learned a lot, today we use this opportunity to gain a little. Yourself, take out and share with everyone.

Today, we talk about the

is the main forum to promote, Q & a promotion and links, such as the implementation of several means of some of the details of things.

a forum to promote

forum to promote this means, we should all be quite familiar with, but also one of the commonly used means of execution. Through the promotion of forum, a lot of achievements in the Internet, network events. This year the popular network of "Xi Li Ge", "xifeng". The web information is initially in the forum, regardless of the original conscious or unconscious speculation, netizens. They are popular in the forum. Therefore, the significance of the forum to promote, we should be very clear.

but to do a good job in the promotion of the forum, it is not an easy thing, you need to pay attention to a lot of details. Details determine success or failure, should be the truth. Here we talk about the promotion of the forum should pay attention to what details:

1, ID forum, forum posting replies do not underestimate when used in the ID, there are a lot of friends are not very concerned about this problem, think that as long as the registration of a ID, to post up to become, or reply to a. In fact, I do not think so, when we registered ID, do not casually on the keyboard, just a registration, registration of ID need to let others think that it is a certain meaning of the ID, recommend the use of Chinese ID. The registered password also must use a unified, convenient in implementation, find problems and some content, people can find the problem timely "crisis public relations", the post edit and modify. ID after registration, you need to update some of the information in ID, try to make people feel >