Adsense network broadcast Phoenix layoffs for the transition Flower chanting domain name buyers not

1.9 months from the part of the phone will not limit the real name of the communication: can not be able to play  

news September 1st, September 1st in accordance with the provisions of the requirements of the Ministry of industry and the three operators, a new mobile phone card users are required to produce identity documents at the time of purchase, verification and registration information. Not the real name registration customers must complete registration system before September 1st, if not registered, will stop in batches.

three operators in an interview, said that because of the huge amount of users, to remind the real name registration will be staged, staged. Moreover, the user of "stop" is the ultimate big move, stop before and SMS reminders, limited communication means. Then, if you really want to stop, it will remind the user in advance.

2 Phoenix made full open letter said the layoffs in order to transform  

at noon on September 1st, Phoenix released internal e-mail, announced layoffs and restructuring matters. In the message, because the Phoenix shares suffered great pressure has been estimated, inconsistent with the true value, the company huge profit decline, the company had to lay off, seeking transformation.

and the entire media industry is not in the past, when the scenery, the portal also had to make some adjustments. At the beginning of the year, one of the four major Sohu was also a round of layoffs.


, said in an open letter, the purpose of transformation is not to shrink, the purpose of transformation is precisely in order to stop air, to win greater development, in order to achieve successful transformation, we must lose weight, also must be focused. At the same time, Phoenix now redundant personnel and job overlap also makes it necessary to lay off.

3 will be half of the WeChat public number to become a zombie, some public numbers never "live"  

is not bad objectively the demographic dividend disappeared due to difficult for WeChat to be replaced in the subjective WeChat, get rid of the flow distribution mechanism of WeChat, I can’t agree with this: half the public number into zombies.

has a new media first stop, said the new list in Guangzhou engaged in an event, the event claimed that they predicted that half of WeChat’s future will become a zombie".

this is debatable. Can not say completely wrong, but there are some problems with certainty.

I first opened but never update public number removed out — in my opinion, these public number never "live", in the rest of these have made a sound public number, will really become a zombie half,

in the future?

4 new advertising law: the formal implementation of the Internet game pop ads affected by  

newly revised "advertising law" will come into effect today, this new law reflects the country’s deepening reform, effectively adjust the government functions, strengthen market supervision requirements. It is understood that the new law will be limited