Hard year can not get the money Henan court to help pay for

we live in a legal society, but there are still many black contractors, do not give way to the arrears of wages of migrant workers, migrant workers to work in vain. Then suffered a hard dry year, the Spring Festival, but could not get back the hard-earned money of migrant workers how to do? For many migrant workers brothers, every year I am afraid to encounter, I am afraid that is the. Whom should I ask for? Zhang Liyong, President of the high court in the province is pushing for migrant workers Taoxin normalization". 7 years, the province’s courts for more than 10 migrant workers brothers recovered more than 2 billion 700 million yuan of labor remuneration.


arrears of wages of migrant workers were forced by the court

Mid Autumn Festival, the old section from Suiyang District of Shangqiu, finally cross about 4 months unpaid tour ended. In the morning, he and 6 fellow workers came to Zhengzhou air port, the people’s court, got nearly 40 thousand yuan wages.

after the Spring Festival this year, the old section and a few fellow workers to air port. In accordance with the Contractor before and Liu agreed, after the end of the project, it is necessary to pay settlement. Liu can push today tomorrow, tomorrow the day after tomorrow has been dragging not to push.

After the

, one of them suggested that the court for migrant workers to pay a lot of effort, might as well try. 7 people took to the people’s court to prosecute Liu air port.

Air Port District People’s court in the case, immediately organized the investigation and mediation. Through the court’s intervention, the old section and workers finally got their own wages.


said: "the money is not easy, from the summer harvest until harvest, but he is very satisfied with."


from the initial focus on solving the development of the normal operation of the current

high court had specifically done a survey of migrant workers, the monthly wage settlement of construction workers accounted for only 28.1% of the 40.2% workers to the end of the year to settle wages, while the 41.2% construction workers have experienced wage arrears. After 2009, the high court president Zhang Liyong took office soon began in the province’s court to carry out the activities for migrant workers Taoxin brothers.

oral prosecution

High Court has issued a special opinions, the provisions of the migrant workers can submit a written petition, allowing the parties to comply with the oral proceedings; legal fees, reduction or exemption of corrosion conditions and apply for the migrant workers, the court should give priority to the corresponding formalities in accordance with the law……