College students choose to work or think twice

when entrepreneurs usher in the graduation season, choose entrepreneurship or employment, need to think twice. Many college students do not take into account the entrepreneurial venture, there is no lack of work because they can not find the choice of entrepreneurship, unable to sort out their relationship and career, the final results can be imagined.

4 16, Shanxi, Taiyuan, the first high-tech enterprise recruitment will be held at the base of innovation. It is understood that the recruitment skills in many businesses have qualifications threshold for job seekers increased, so a lot of just out of college students Wang Gang sigh.

9 in the morning, Zhang Jiyu opened the door of the Harbin Engineering University, the third space entrepreneurial cafe. The difference is that the 7 partners ever left his own coffee shop, just open the door is very empty. The other 6 graduating students gave up their business and went to work.

Zhang Jiyu looks pretty good at this. I heard the former comrades in arms because of entrepreneurial experience and was appreciated by the employing unit, got a good offer, which also makes him feel very happy. As for myself, the dream of entrepreneurship can also help others, if conditions allow me to adhere to, because there is nothing to worry about the future, dare to struggle and innovation, where can excel".

but more entrepreneurial students, can not be so easy to sort out their relationship and career. Like the Nanjing Audit University accounting professional Jiang Yifan, from last year to now, he has been entangled in the business or continue to choose to work. Although has got a high paying job, but because the entrepreneurial project has a scale, he always feel now give up will regret.

venture or employment, need to think twice

Jiang Yifan 2014 developed a social App "Moco", but before graduation only less than 3 months he was unable to determine whether to adhere to, because this year for investment is not easy". Different from the University of the parents also give the cost of living, he clearly knows after graduation financial pressure will be more and more big.

Li Xiaona from Yantai is considering letting go their own supplementary class. Her teaching class let her financial freedom in two years ago, "now if school support, is no longer a student, I didn’t grasp well done", let Li Xiaona worry is more long-term things.

last year to participate in the internship, just enter the training system of large enterprises, she realized their own projects there are a lot of places — people’s professional staff training is a week, but in their class, are often simple and new talk a few words. Li Xiaona increasingly feel that they have a lot of distance from a qualified founder, the idea of initiation of employment study.

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