Husband and wife operating a green snack bar lucrative

snacks in life is a very popular industry, at the same time, now in life there are many snack bar, at the same time, some of the more distinctive snack bar business is very hot, but also has a very substantial profit.

The reason

back after nearly a month of time, Zhang Zhiquan’s snack shop has been operating. He began to study the practice of the whole process of hand tearing. And face, face up, tear face and various soup preparation, he repeatedly tested thousands of times a month, actually spent 7 bags of flour. Well, friends reflect the delicious noodles, noodle, good taste.

At a

index to an accuracy of two, money, minute and second hand pull noodle production method has been formed. He took the snack bar sign, openly made a light box, "green hand face" bright beat out. At the same time, a beautiful "cookbook" is also in the grand launch of the door (vertical light box): Green shredded beef noodles, green shredded pork noodle, shredded green Noodles in Chicken Soup, green shredded egg noodles, pasta, green shredded green shredded vegetable juice, mint, green green hand hand tear in green shredded tomato noodles, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables……   all rights reserved: