Liu Qiangdong for 10 years from the grassroots entrepreneurs to overbearing president

recently has boarded the hot search list of Liu Qiangdong is fame, who can imagine 10 years ago he was just ordinary entrepreneurs, spent 10 years Nirvana rebirth, Liu Qiangdong pay the hardships behind as can be imagined.

to decision within half a year to close all the offline store, Jingdong will complete the transformation of e-commerce. The same year, Wong Kwong Yu became the richest man in China, Gome, Suning line chain model is still subject to market blitz. Voice of doubt, Liu Qiangdong dare to think 10 years began.

10, Liu Qiangdong completed the "grassroots entrepreneurs" to "overbearing president" perfect evolution; 10 years later, everyone decided Liu Qiangdong was lamented how prospective, only he knew the pressure and difficulty. The next 10 years, he will focus on the one hand to create a one-stop online investment and financing platform – Jingdong finance, he said that after 10 years, Jingdong’s net profit will come from the financial.

Jingdong after the listing in the United States, people have asked Liu Qiangdong, as the company listed himself to become a billionaire, whether in mind what will change, he replied: "I haven’t listed before, should also be a billionaire."

has been questioned by a Jingdong, markdowns and other means to seize the user resources, on the other hand, with the continuous funding "kidnapping" investors, even saying "investment Jingdong is a bottomless pit". Liu Qiangdong laughed, "I feel the burn two results, some money burn is turned into a pool of ashes, what are not, there is a burn, burn the money after leaving a very high competition threshold." Jingdong obviously belongs to the latter.

and each "frame", Liu Qiang East because others move cheese and become a target for all. Just in 2010, the United States listed experienced Jingdong recommended books