How to make car beauty shop car wash more profitable


said a paint, repair parts, there will be a good profit, however, after all, not every car is often these problems. Not to mention the car can now provide a lot of beauty shop services. So, for most car beauty shops, car wash profit is still a very important part of. However, almost every car beauty shop can provide car wash service, which makes the operator on the troubled. How to make car beauty shop car wash more profitable?

at present, the vast majority of ordinary car prices, car beauty shop car wash is not high, not much money. The ordinary car is often the car beauty shop, car wash is used to attract customers of the project.

however, many owners after washing the car, often to other car beauty shop to buy products, glaze, coating, film, installation, installation of navigation xenon lamp etc.. One reason is that the car wash workers do not know how to do, how to say, in order to impress the owner. By car owners often see ordinary car beauty shop, car wash is professional, whether carefully, whether for the sake of the owners, whether the formal; and then decide whether to enter the next step of the consumer.

because most owners are difficult to determine the degree of professional car wash, therefore, car beauty shop owners can go to the car wash site, in the car wash, car wash or shopping guide can explain the scene. Before the car, car wash workers can tell the owner: ", sir, car wash water to use 35 degrees Celsius or so warm water, can not use cold water, otherwise it will make the car paint aging ". " in addition, the water pressure can not be greater than 7 pressure, you see, pressure gauge ". In a bubble, can see the car wash workers to the owners of car washing liquid bottle, told him: " sir, this is a private car washing liquid, instead of washing powder, detergent, that would hurt the car paint, the brightness will drop. "

clean foam, or car wash workers shopping guide can tell the owner: " sir, this is the upper part of the cleaning sponge, the lower part of the cleaning sponge, can not be mixed up. Otherwise, it may paint the car scratch. " in the wiper, the car wash workers can shave while saying: ", sir, this is a dedicated wiper board, can not be used with the wiper, so easy to hurt the car paint. " in the car, the car wash workers or assistants to say: " sir, you see, we take the towel lock edge is relatively short, while others towel lock long side edge, easy to scratch the paint. "

through the car wash workers trained with regularity of various steps and explain the sales or car wash workers, can let the owners look very comfortable, but also learn a lot of knowledge of the car, will let the customer feel: This is a very professional car wash and wash all the details carefully, consider this week, so the other construction it should be trusted!

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