How to do business in a cafe

open a coffee shop is easy, choose an address, get some money a shop can be quickly opened up. However, you want to make such a store really create their own profits, but also need to master more skills, so as to ensure that the business is hot. So, how does the coffee shop do business? Let’s analyze it together.

after consideration finally selected shop hard, stay up late and busy for more than a month at the shop decoration, day forming, looking at the store, young girls are busy training, busy cleaning, another headache has been in the shop immediately opened, how to do business?

how to do business? In fact, this thing is not to ask now, but when we start this cafe dream, began to think, temporary practice is not desirable!

Cafe opened, to do business, nothing more than a good environment, good products, good service, a good marketing tool, that is, we often mention the hardware, software and marketing.


so-called Cafe hardware, refers to the environment and products, because these two is also the most easily perceived by customers, is their most direct needs.

environment, let the store more accessible may give customers, such as a large number of books, a large number of Arts and crafts, decorations, toys, network chess game, for these sometimes although many customers will not play, but it will deliver very good business ideas.

walls don’t empty, can place some customers interested in photo and poster, for example, movie posters, paintings, antique coffee decorative features are a good choice, even down to the toilet can be arranged some comic to grace. Of course, the environment, health is the first, every day to focus on the health area, focus on cleaning, saving labor intensity.

environment is also reflected in the background music, don’t put those Chinese, no sense of music, can refer to the songs of Ono Lisa and Enya’s songs, classic jazz, this can be bought online, playing on the computer, hand control, the volume is not suddenly suddenly small, generally by the cashier is responsible for the management of broadcast the other management personnel supervision.

outdoor environment is the key to the manager, often outside the shop to observe the entire store storefront, outdoors to put some plants, when necessary, can increase the amount of light source and billboards.

the layout of these environments, has been described in different sections of the different degrees, there is no more to say.