A wind, Hand-Pulled Noodle join advantage introduction

in the catering Hand-Pulled Noodle brand in a wind, why can Hand-Pulled Noodle success, mainly because of the product inception it has been to the customer as the center, to provide customers with the best Hand-Pulled Noodle for the purpose, won the majority of consumer recognition, therefore also by investors trust. A wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall, after years of development, has become a famous brand in the same industry delicacy. A wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall, a bright future, it also makes a lot of investors especially. Then, a wind hall Hand-Pulled Noodle can join


wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall, the brand originated in Japan, founded by King Kawahara Narumi Hand-Pulled Noodle hand. A wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall, since its inception, the leading sales for many years in the same industry, won a lot of reputation as a wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall. At present, a wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall, owns a chain of more than and 100 stores in the world, located in New York, Sydney and Singapore Branch, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and other places. A wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall as a leader in the industry Hand-Pulled Noodle characteristics, of course, can join.

Feng Tang Hand-Pulled Noodle join advantage:

1, a location support: wind hall Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters would be to store in the city to conduct research and evaluation, help the franchisee to find suitable business address, improve the survival rate of the shop.

2, a regional protection: wind hall Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters will strictly control the number of local franchisees, franchisees maximize.

3, training support: headquarters will assist the franchisee to recruit staff, and provide a full range of training and guidance for franchisees and shop staff. At the same time, in order to strengthen the professional exchanges with the franchisee, the headquarters will also hold regular meetings, and franchisees to share skills and other aspects of the shop experience.

4, decoration support: in order to ensure a unified image of the brand, the headquarters will provide a unified decoration design for franchisees.

5, product development: in order to ensure the forefront of a wind Hand-Pulled Noodle has been in the market hall, a hall of wind Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters R & D team will continue to research new products to replace the product library regularly, ensure the interests of franchisees.

Feng Tang Hand-Pulled Noodle can join? Certainly can join. At present, a wind Hand-Pulled Noodle hall headquarters are oriented around the country for investment, if you are on a wind, Hand-Pulled Noodle investment interested, and have 5-10 million start-up capital, then as soon as possible with a wind hall contact Hand-Pulled Noodle headquarters! Join wind hall Hand-Pulled Noodle can also be obtained. Nanny headquarters support, you can rest assured that what is not it? Hurry up!