How to promote agricultural modernization in Fujian

Since the reform and opening to the outside world, the economy of coastal cities in China has made great progress, but the economic development of the vast rural areas still needs to be further improved by

. "Xiamen," 13th Five-Year "agriculture and rural economic development plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") recently released, Xiamen will strive to put forward in 2020, the construction of urban modern agriculture has made significant progress, the urban modern agriculture industry cluster development value reached the standard of 100 billion yuan. So, how to promote agricultural modernization in Fujian?

from the "planning" content, the next 5 years, Xiamen’s agricultural and rural economic work will focus on the core goal of increasing the income of peasants, accelerate the transformation of agricultural development mode, a high output, product safety, resource saving and environment friendly agricultural modernization. Today, the city Bureau of agriculture through the newspaper for your interpretation of the "planning".

agricultural and rural economic development concept of the five

asked: "what is the 13th Five-Year" city development concept of agricultural and rural economy?

answer: judging from the specific content, the main development of agriculture and rural economy of our city in 13th Five-Year during the five aspects of philosophy as a support.

one is to change the mode of agricultural development, promote innovation and development. Highlight the integration of urban agricultural production, life, ecology and economic, social and ecological functions, the transformation of agricultural development as a fundamental way to speed up the modernization of agriculture.

two is to accelerate the integration of urban and rural development, promote coordinated development. The industrial and agricultural, urban and rural planning as a whole, accelerate the formation of industrial and agricultural, urban and rural areas, the mutual benefit of workers and peasants, urban and rural integration of a new type of urban and rural labor relations.

three is to enhance the level of sustainable development, promote green development. Insist on "protection" and "governance", and comprehensively promote the comprehensive management of small watershed, agricultural products (000061, stock it) quality and safety system, accelerate the development of ecological agriculture, circular agriculture, improve agricultural environment and promote the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas.

four is to deepen agricultural cooperation and exchanges with Taiwan to promote the development of open. Strengthen the exchange and training of agricultural technology between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits, learn from the advanced achievements and development models of Taiwan agriculture, and promote the development of modern agriculture.

five is a sound mechanism for farmers to continue to increase income, and promote the sharing of development. To fully tap the internal potential of agricultural income and expand agricultural external sources of income, farmers continued to increase through the promotion of industry, to employment, collective economy, financial support etc..

complete the recommendation to promote farmers’ income