What kind of equipment is needed to run a small sushi shop

are not only delicious food chowhound love love healthy nutrition and delicious food both have this characteristic, delicacy is non sushi. With the increasing popularity of sushi shops, many people began to want to join the ranks. The small sushi shop to join the financial pressure is small, back and fast, has become very popular. But many people also have a doubt, that is the small sushi joined what equipment? Let me for you one by one.

what is the equipment for a small sushi shop?

a large rice cooker

is required to prepare a cooked sushi rice with the rice cooker, bought a little better, the rice cooker will cook more incense more thoroughly, not rawish, according to the stores located to buy 10-30 litres.

two, insulation bucket

when the sushi rice cooked, need to take out heat, because the cold is not open shop to maintain, is the best in 40 degrees, the temperature of the sushi rice more easily made sushi rice humidity will remain, not dry. So it is necessary to prepare a dedicated heat insulation barrels to sushi rice.

three, special block

need to prepare a sushi chopping block, the size of 54*35*3 is more appropriate, PPE material is more suitable for white dining, not mildew.

four, operating table

custom console operation table recommended 304 steel, although about 2100 meters, but the absolute value of the washing is easy, it is not the same mood.

five, refrigerator

some seafood products, or if you do have a variety of fried series, then many frozen products are frozen, which requires the preparation of a refrigerator at any time.

six, fryer

do sometimes need fried fried shrimp, fried shrimp, Bacon, hot dogs, this time you need to use a frying stove, just prepare a small enough to use.

seven, sealed tank

sushi ingredients will have some sesame seeds, dried meat floss, caviar, these things are needed to keep moisture sealing tank.

eight, packaging machine

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