Characteristics of a hot pot store opened a quick profit

in today’s social life, the overall development of the catering and catering industry, but also the formation of a new round of business opportunities, in particular, a number of personalized and unique food in the market is very popular.


if you do a personalized narrow niche market, it can be considered in the secondary business district, in order to reduce the rent and other costs. When there are more than five stores around, you do, then you must make the characteristics, take the route of differentiation, as well as brand awareness, otherwise it is difficult to win.

if you shop in the street on both sides of the street shops not to. Because customers will be more than three goods, and so he finished a circle, may be tired, hungry or temporary, and then return to your store the possibility of small. And is also the first berth. In the north, in the face of customers love the street walk, less traffic view.

for businesses, the same rent, then the road on both sides of the turnover is two times worse. Try to shop in more places or in the vicinity of groupkey. Because it will step 30% sale. This is related with the flow of people, the customer may come to this corner, this is the guest not to hand. The location should be considered when people join the Hot pot route will not be intercepted competitors.

The principle of location of joining


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