3D TV new gold mining

when the IMAX film is at an incredible speed sweeping the world, people realized that the 3D era has come, how not to go to the cinema to see the 3D movie? Buy a 3D TV home can be! Every day to enjoy the fun experience personally on the scene!


By the end of

2008, NBA alliance, TNT TV and CINEDIGM announced that it will be 2009 NBA all star weekend 3D live. This is also the first time NBA commercial sports 3D broadcast live. In addition, in 2012, the audience around the world may be able to watch at home in the form of 3D broadcast of the thirtieth Olympic Games, is responsible for the Olympic Games broadcast by the British Sky television has said that the satellite broadcast signal will be launched in 3D mode. At present, this technology has changed people’s long-standing lack of dull viewing experience – 3D stereoscopic display is rapidly warming.

"2008 economic crisis, the industry still investment than in 2007 increased a lot." One industry observer said.

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