Shop should be good at taking the initiative to find business

had a market the same may be a store, but now a market also has a number of shops, the intense competition in the ineffable. Therefore, if you want to make their own shop business is booming, naturally need to know how to find a business. For the off-season sales opportunities, Jiangsu Changzhou Jintan district retail customers in the customer manager Zhang Jianguo under the guidance of change because of "city", to tap new markets and consumer groups, gradually out of the business slump.

Zhang Jianguo’s shop was originally a village, and later the overall relocation of the village, the new two residential areas. Zhang Jianguo will be moved to the area of their own tobacco shops. Because of the New District, at the beginning of the residents less, and Zhang Jianguo’s shop Street, traffic is small, the turnover is much worse than before.

is responsible for visiting the area manager Yan Li to tap new business opportunities. He found that the district is focusing on building a complex of the city of Zhang Jianguo Plaza and I am not far from the shops, walking past less than 10 minutes. Then, Yan Li advised Zhang Jianguo to Wu Yue square and the surrounding a large site workers as potential consumer groups, to grasp this rare opportunity.

then, Yan Li and Zhang Jianguo go to the site to understand the people’s consumption level, the cigarette brand preferences and rest time, to adjust Business Hours, reasonable stocking. At the same time, he suggested that Zhang Jianguo through the print order contact list, provide door-to-door delivery services, create opportunities, take the initiative to attack.

Yan Li and Zhang Jianguo suggested to slowly off. Now, many home workers will go all the way to Zhang Jianguo before leaving the store to buy a few Su smoke to relatives and friends, cigarette sales shop has been greatly improved.

a lot of shops because of fierce competition, business is not very ideal, and the owner will not take the initiative to find, leading to the end of the store is difficult to maintain. In fact, there is no off-season market, only off-season ideas. Under the current situation, the customer manager as the link between tobacco companies and retail customers, the first thing to do is to help retail customer confidence, actively respond to the challenges, good staff, and because of the "city", to win business opportunities.