The two sisters in Thailand started to make millions of home stay

is now not only need to have entrepreneurial capital, while the business also needs to have certain social experience and investment perspective, especially for some of the female social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs need to pay for the first time is not only experience also need courage.

to venture outside, there must be a reliable rich dad? "My father doesn’t give 10 Fen, I have only 50 thousand yuan deposit, my sister has 300 thousand, so much," Liu Zhongying blinked big eyes. To create a father, the economy is not bad, but from high school will not give the cost of living, the two sisters must work to support themselves, my father instilled in us, we must start."

had never graduated from high school, Liu Zhong has accepted entangles the University, should be required to father of one’s spare time with relatives in Sydney tour, she was telling his father, decided to go out and would not return to Taiwan university. "Because I think, Taiwan’s college students are very poor, very good salary, how to live? It takes 10 years to get to the point of thirty-five thousand. By thirty-five thousand, what?"

did not think University of Sydney graduated, she’ll have to pack back to Taiwan leader 22K, wrote the script for the TV program in the communication company, but in a field to find her direction in life. "I was sent to Vietnam to do the" woman my biggest "Vietnamese version. In Vietnam, the experience that I dreamed of living, a servant to a driver, "Liu Zhongying being laughed and said," I found that very day people in Southeast Asia, as long as you try a little harder than others, is likely to be successful."

sister on the phone, he decided to follow Liu Zhong ying. Hung up the phone, she immediately resigned with the supervisor. "I was impressed, the manager thought I was too naive. She did not want to go out of business, but how can it be so simple?" No matter what the director said, Liu Zhongying could not listen to it.