Do you know why more and more restaurants can’t make money

now, in the food market, the competition has been very strong. That is because the competitiveness of such a strong, so many of the food and beverage stores are not making money. So, do you know why so many restaurants do not earn money?

more and more restaurants do not make money, one reason:

my city depends mainly on the chemical industry, in recent years due to the government’s attention to environmental problems, many chemical plants began to loss or even closed, a lot of my friends go to work in the factory, they are up to 5 months without wages, so the environment caused by the consumption level has been reduced.

more and more restaurants do not make money, for two reasons:

landlord considering their own interests, rents rose year by year, does not take into account the interests of businesses and consumers do not pay the price of products businesses, so businesses in the case of rising rents remain before the price will reduce profits.

more and more restaurants do not make money, for three reasons:

is the most important point, the electricity supplier impact on the store, you may ask why the electricity supplier impact on the store will affect the food, I have to analyze, first store the self-employed are due to the impact of the electricity supplier, declining profits, entity groups are large in any city, they will be reluctant money, and they will also study way, so the way out of the store where the electricity supplier and the switch, switch? What do


for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs to avoid it as long as three points, want free entrepreneurship is not! So, what are you hesitating about? Hurry up!