Du Yafeng writes memoirs for ordinary people

As soon as

speaks of his memoirs, he may think of some famous people in the minds of many people. Indeed, in the traditional Memoirs of the big market, basically aimed at celebrities. But in the new era, ordinary people can also have a memoir. Du Yafeng entrepreneurship is for ordinary people to write memoirs, thus popular.

now, an autobiography is no longer a celebrity or rich patent. More and more ordinary people published his memoirs, or dreams, or for the occasion.

Zhengzhou Du Yafeng think there are business opportunities, decided to lead his team designed for ordinary people to customize their memories".

business experience: "filial piety"


the "custom memory" as their own entrepreneurial projects, is originated from Du Yafeng’s filial piety". Because of the reasons for the times, many elderly people have not been to school, illiterate, they want to tell their children the experience of their descendants, but they do not have the ability. I think, if someone can in accordance with the old man’s oral help to complete the Memoirs of the writing, not only to fulfill the wishes of the elderly, for their own is also a new attempt." Du Yafeng said.

2013 earlier this year, after a period of market research, he found the city of Zhengzhou, and Henan province has not yet appeared for ordinary people to write his memoirs, and this business in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities have been very popular. So he decided to resign, determined to venture.

first single business earned twenty thousand


Du Yafeng’s early start and not flat, the first single business, he spent a full three months to finish.

"this memoir I spent more than three months, of course, I also got his first pot of gold." Du Yafeng said his first single business let him earn twenty thousand yuan.

according to him, he for the elderly to provide a complete service, including the creation of pre writing outline, and the "one to one" interview, mid text editor, polish, expert proofreading, late binding books.

increasingly diverse memoirs

now Du Yafeng also plans to recall customer diversification. Du Yafeng said: "now our customers in addition to the elderly, young people are not in the minority."

"Memoirs of the purpose of getting all kinds of, some are old think memoir, memorial life, give children leave a spiritual wealth; and children write the parenting of the past, as for the elderly birthday or golden gift; a couple in marriage together to write a book, recommended