From work to business you need to do six points

work very hard, no money, so a lot of migrant workers, migrant women all want to start, but entrepreneurship is easier said than done, especially for a young people, entrepreneurship is really a matter of wonder. In fact, from work to entrepreneurship is not impossible, you need to do these six points:

1. find your personal motivation

Senior vice president,

Yuriy  Boykiv thinks he’s never been seduced by the lure of more money, but he wants to help others achieve their American dream, and he is not good at corporate politics. He vowed that his company would not have corporate politics and would never hire people to play it. Find the deepentrepreneurial personal motivation, this way led him through the difficult period of time.

2. realize their chances of

3. collects feedback and takes advantage of your social network

Picarazzi believes that you should share your business ideas with anyone who is willing to listen and give serious feedback. You like your idea, so there is no other point of view, you may not give the idea of growth.

sure you tell everyone you know, you are a major life change. In this way, friends and colleagues can begin to think about who can use your product or service and how they can help you.

Gandler said, "without any history, you may need to quickly win the trust of your customers and agents."

Considering the

4. recommendation