How will the 6 cents Steamed Buns Babylon Steamed Buns sold about 1000000000

Babylon Steamed Buns not only are well-known in Shanghai earlier in Hefei, the high streets and back lanes also everywhere in the country, have very high popularity, its founder Liu Huiping called "the China Steamed Buns king", the junior high school graduation, alone to how Shanghai entrepreneurs is how to build up, what is rich? Next, let us into Bobby Liu Huiping and his quest is how he will Steamed Buns, 6 cents Steamed Buns sold about 1000000000 sales.

1998 in March, 21 year old Liu Huiping carries 4000 yuan of money came to Shanghai city. At first, he decisively 6000 yuan to rent a room carrying his small window, all the new dream, because do not understand the taste of Shanghai people, his baozi Inn business is not ideal, can only be closed.

in her sister’s encouragement, Liu Huiping again. In early 1999, the new steamed stuffed bun shop opened in Shanghai, Fujian road.

in the The path winds along mountain ridges. selling steamed buns golden section;

with baozi Inn business was better in the surprised eyes, Liu Huiping in Nanjing on the road selling buns, named "Master Liu bag". Nanjing road is the most prosperous business district in Shanghai, the streets are mostly luxury hotels and large chain restaurants, 6 cents a small steamed stuffed bun store in Nanjing road firm? Some people question, you open the bun shop in Nanjing road? Are you ready to drink the northwest wind?" In fact, prior to this, Liu slalom took some time and effort to familiar with the Shanghai snack food market.

he found outside the business stalls snacks, although cheap, but less health; some big chain snack, although the health, but most of them take the machine mixing stuffing, bad taste. Can these two together, the drill loopholes, to create a new business model buns? Liu Huiping is full of confidence in his idea.

"Master Liu package" to buy buns from morning to night, people in a continuous line, the business day, that year, he earned a net profit margin of about 500000.

2003, in order to attract more young people, Liu Huiping changed the name "Bobby Steamed Buns". At the beginning of 2004, Liu Huiping had