How to start a company to save costs

is holding a briefcase to go to work every day, so many people in life should be very tired of it, a lot of people resolutely resigned from the original work, started his own business, let others work for themselves. Many people rely on the hands of the funds, began to start their own companies, I believe we all know, to open a company needs a lot of money, and reduce costs is necessary. So, how to start a company to save costs.

1, non cash replacement. I remember before Sina, NetEase they are interchangeable resources, and now there are some companies with their own services for some advertising resources. I remember when I was in Silicon Valley, like rent, legal fees, advertising fees, you can use your equity to buy these services. Recent cases of cooperation between Jingdong and Tencent is a typical case of the replacement of a variety of information and services with equity. These non cash replacement can save your cash outflow.

2, strategic cooperation. I have a client, one of his approach is to cooperate with operators. He has the necessary services for the operators, the operators have a large number of customers who want to better service, they are to develop the customer or the development of the customer wants the service cost is very expensive. What about strategic cooperation? Is to tie him with the operator, the operator to provide his services to customers, and with the operator into. I think this is a very typical strategic cooperation, saving a large number of market and customer development costs.

3, lease and purchase. The development of any enterprise can not be separated from some fixed investment. For example, many game companies, they just started to do online games, many times they choose to lease the server or computer room. The benefit is that the initial investment is relatively less, you are going to rent by the month; the disadvantage is high cost. So many times, the development of enterprises to a certain scale, it will choose to purchase their own server. If the cash flow is sufficient, it is possible to choose to buy more cost-effective; if you are just beginning to have a lot of uncertainty, do not know if it is not, then it will be more reasonable lease.

4, full time and part time. Part time is characterized by low cost, but can not guarantee efficient. Full time is not only an increase in wages, other incidental costs will increase, for example, you give him the office, give him a computer, etc.. Startups often don’t have enough money to pay for this. So when you don’t know if you need a full-time job, it’s a good idea to take a part-time job.

business is not so simple, need to pay more attention in many ways, saving the cost is the priority among priorities, after more than to venture to start a company how to save the cost, I believe we all understand now. It takes a lot of money to start a business in itself, so in order to reduce the investment, we have to consider the process of opening the company, the cost to a minimum.

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