The preferred treatment of breast disease in summer health network

breast expert group suggested that the majority of female friends: with breast disease patients should seize the time to treatment in this period, in order to avoid canceration.

expert explained, because the hot summer is the time of human blood circulation is the fastest, the pores of the skin pores and a completely open season, is the body’s largest delivery channel, fast play helps the efficacy of breast disease in this period, if timely treatment, can often play a multiplier effect.

currently consists of domestic hospital advocate meridian acupoint injection therapy, the skin is with "zero distance" mode of administration, in the summer for the treatment of breast disease, achieved a significant effect, but also can prevent breast cancer, effectively prevent the further deterioration of breast disease. Therefore, in particular, to remind women suffering from breast disease in the summer, must be actively treated, in order to make the condition will not deteriorate to the point of not being able to save and regret for life.

is a close friend of female bra, it makes women more plump body curve, more touching, however, this "friend" is not appropriate, will imperceptibly get you into trouble. Recently, according to a survey of women, 79.3% of women wear bras are not suitable, is not the right size bra and long time wearing a tight bra chest beam not adjusted.

finally, because the body will accelerate the blood circulation in summer, resulting in reduced sensitivity of nerve pain, suffering from breast disease of female friends in this season even if breast disease is very serious, often also have breast pain greatly reduce or even disappear the illusion, a lot of people may think their breast disease is good, in fact, this time. Breast disease is not only not good, there may always undergo malignant transformation, so that this is the most terrible. According to clinical statistics show that nearly half of the patients with breast cancer are in the "cover" neither painful nor itching.


of breast disease in malignant

good summer cure breast disease

experts, summer is the fastest period of human cell division, breast pathogens in patients with breast disease. "Breast poison in the nuclear fission season will split it crazy, 1.8 times faster than other seasons. That is to say in other seasons per hour on a nuclear poison breast split into 5 words, then an hour in the summer will be split into 9, it will greatly speed up the process of malignant breast disease, if not treated, may at any time of canceration.

Ji Chuandai need to be careful

is rich in blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerves, which plays a role in nutrition and metabolism. If the bra is too small under rim especially hard and tight, it will affect the blood circulation and supply, causing breast ischemia, spasm, oppression.

second, summer is the most susceptible to anxiety, depression, irritability, many female friends in this period is obvious, and the clinical case study shows that it is these negative emotions lead to endocrine disorders, more breast disease exacerbation.