Why the success rate of the brand tea shop

no matter what industry investment, choose the brand is their first choice, the importance of the brand? Why the brand is so important. Here I would like to talk about this rationale, to join the tea shop as an example. In the beverage market, according to the survey, the success rate of individual business entities and join a chain system is very different. Choose tea shop to join the success rate of 85%, while the success rate of their own shop is only $15%. Tea because of its customer groups, everyone all, by taking the consistent pursuit of investment.

brand milk tea shop success rate will be high? The main reasons are as follows:

relative to the self employment choice is a better way for brands to join, which can not only improve the success probability, but also can reduce the pressure of competition and take the trouble problems, such as not only, this brand of tea also has many advantages, allows you to easily start.

milk tea production tips

can become the flow of drinks in the market, able to survive in the fierce competition, the brand must have its own production of milk tea tips, as well as their own characteristics. So we can always obtain customer love, to show the unique. This is the charm of brand milk tea, you can feel it has the strength of the side.

new product development

The advantage of

is that it is easier to control the number of purchases, and the more the number of raw materials, the lower the price, the more cost savings.

rely on the strong strength of brand milk tea, can continue to develop their own new products. This is their own products, other tea shops can not imitate the product. Love for early adopters of new customers, tea is great attraction. At the same time, a Nirvana more market potential, increase the competitiveness of the industry is to build out new tea. Their own independent shop opened in the capital and technology are lack of ability to develop new products, the lack of vitality in the face of the market.

brand image

The strength of the

brand allows you to easily break people’s psychological defense, choose to buy your brand milk tea. Brand building needs to spend time and effort, as well as capital investment is huge, there is no long time to build the brand, want to get people’s trust is very difficult.

tea machine equipment imported

has now begun to standardize the production of tea and process, the use of advanced equipment to produce milk tea, milk tea can keep clean, keep the food will not be contaminated. Can also shorten the time to make milk tea >